15 October 2008

Vis Lang: junior/senior crit

Critique group:


In discussing my posters, the main aspects were about the copy.

We decided that the text "las bases para la prosperidad" disappeared at the bottom where it was originally, although it was nice how the roots 'grew' into the letters. It looked like an after thought, and was awkwardly squeezed into the space. So I moved it up within the trunk of the tree, spread out enough so it wouldn't interfere with the tree. They mentioned that it may not interact as well with it, since it might look like it was just sitting on top of the image, so I allowed for the type to follow the arc of the roots cluster. Other than that, they agreed that the hand-generated aspect was an appropriate language for the mexican american culture, as well as the warm color choices. They enjoyed the metaphor of the tree and oranges representing the family, and it growing prosperous from the vote.

For my tattoo poster, they also were wondering about the word 'empowering' as my copy. They questioned whether it should be present at all, since the image was so strong and empowering on its own. But that was when the arms were reaching up into the sky... now, my poster depicts the arms out in front of the person, looking down on them, which is more subtle. So they said that it would then probably work with the text, to reinforce the meaning. They liked the use of parody, and liked the formal qualities of the poster. They felt a strong connection of the strength in the sleeve tattoo idea, and Vahn mentioned gang members, and their high value of personal tattoos. We decided to lighten up the background a bit from the muddy grey color, to something a little bit brighter.

Overall, the crit went well, just minor tweaks to each poster afterwards. But we did on;y get to myself and Nik, due to time restraints, so we plan on meeting again tomorrow night to give feedback to Angie and Vahn.

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