03 December 2008

TV opener feedback

Hey simon!


Simon said said...

Hi, Laura!

Concept from:9

Your show opener give the sense of what the show is about. At the beginning of the show, I thought your show was about some scientific experience(well...I forgot to ask you again what is your show about) but the last 10 seconds of show I saw there were burgers and french fried. Ok, now the show make sense! The plot of the show is pretty clear. I like how you filmed the show opener as a process of experimenting of fast food.

visual form/narrative quality from: 8

the video is in really high quality. good job. Somehow all the action in your show opener are quite similar. Maybe at the beginner, you can show someone getting ready to go into the experiment room such as putting on glove or giggle.

Duration from: 8

Mostly the video is in good pace. I can see and read most of the action and type. Except I had a little trouble when I saw the test tube with green liquid inside and all the sudden, I saw the green liquid flow out the tube. Later on, I found out there was an eye dropper sucked up the liquid.Here I found a very very minor issue of your video. I found out your video that was 33 second long and the last 3 seconds was blank frames. Maybe you should remove it.

Motion from:8

pretty smooth motion. I like how you go through all the equipment.

Transition from:7
I think I would to see more excitement after I have seen the similar through the entire video.

To Be Continue :)

thenewprogramme said...

excuse me, professor, while i go put on my giggles.

funny typo, simon!