28 October 2009

VA: 'Design Ignites Change' Project Page

Anchor: Campus Crime Prevention

The campus and surrounding neighborhood of the Kansas City Art Institute, a private art and design college in Missouri, is facing a lot of problems with crime. Many of the students are the ones falling victim to this issue, because they are unaware of their own personal risk, are ignorant to the information they need, or don’t know how to deal defensively with situations if they happen to arise.

Anchor is a preventative campaign that is geared toward the students to give them all the necessary components so they can be their own security force.

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Chris Chapin said...

hi laura.
a few things to consider changing for the DIC posting:

(1) consider using a more enticing image—perhaps an iphone app screen shot.

(2) you'll want to use your new project name in the title and description.
Anchor: Campus Crime Prevention