08 February 2010

DP: proposed timeline for the semester

Process Timeline (weeks 4-14)


Monday 2/8: formal presentation of completed research, turn in proposed design solution and timeline of process. (homework: experiment with inventive fold-outs for book. Try to re-create the ones Josh found, and then develop new ones. start to think about how they could be applied to the content. assemble all content for book (easily accessible), begin finding a way to organize it, flow, rhythm, etc. decide what needs to be written out, as essays, stories, interviews, what needs to be an infographic, where user input could possibly work, timelines, etc.)

Wednesday 2/10: studio work/desk crits (homework for the weekend: solidify order of content for book, flow, pacing, etc. start thinking about brand/identity/aesthetics. Sketch out initial ideas, but don’t go too far… just start thinking about it)


Monday 2/15: presentation of work-in-progress. (homework: put identity work on back burner, focus on writing out needed pieces. Develop tone, and carry it across all essays/stories/interviews)

Wednesday 2/17: studio work/desk crits. (homework: continue working on writing all textual elements. Finish writing everything for Monday)


Monday 2/22: presentation of work-in-progress (homework: solidify brand/identity/aesthetic. Start developing infographics and timelines)

Wednesday 2/24: studio work/desk crits (homework: continue designing infographics/timelines. finish all for monday)


Monday 3/1: prepare for midterm presentation (homework: create a general layout of book, incorporating the writing, infographics, timelines, etc. and leaving space for illustration, photography, user input, hand-lettering, etc. take into account fold-outs and expanding sections… don’t think too deeply about the layout yet… it’s just to get ideas flowing. Assemble midterm presentation, and practice presentation at least 5 times)

Wednesday 3/3: midterm presentation. (homework: put feedback to use while still fresh and make significant progress for next class) (homework: apply feedback, and continue work on layout of book and developing interesting fold-outs)


Monday 3/8: studio work/desk crits (homework: continue work on layout, refining everything. Create a full scale mockup of book for wednesday, leaving space for the visually-rich aspects, like illustration, photography, hand-lettering of section markers, etc. fill out senior show submission forms)

Wednesday 3/10: individual or small group crits, while class is working (must show significant progress since midterm presentation). turn in senior show submission form. (homework: make revisions based on small group crit, and begin thinking about an outside package for book. Sketch out ideas, and begin work on hand-lettering, illustration, photography, and user input space).

Monday 3/15: spring break! (Colorado trip!)

Wednesday 3/19: spring break! (homework: 2nd half: keep working on visuals, and develop a list of agents to contact for publishing)


Monday 3/22: studio work/desk crits (homework: continue work on illustrations/hand lettering/photography. Write out solid gold queries for potential agents!)

Wednesday 3/24: studio work/desk crits (homework: send out queries to all potential agents, and wait for feedback. Finish all visual pieces and parts to inside of book. Work on cover and packaging)


Monday 3/29: present work-in-progress (homework: continue work on cover and packaging. Maybe rethink parts of the layout to better fit with packaging solutions?... time for revisions and refining)

Wednesday 3/31: studio work/desk crits (homework: more refining of any parts of the book that need it.


Monday 4/5: present work-in-progress (homework: more revisions. Go back and copy edit all text. Send out to someone to read over, and make sure everything sounds great. Go back through the book, and check for flow, pacing. What can be changed to make this better??)

Wednesday 4/7: studio work/desk crits (homework: this is the two-week marker for queries to agents. Any word? If not, assemble new list of potential agents, and rethink query. Send out queries on Monday. Create second full mockup of book. prepare for 1st preliminary presentation, and practice 5 times)


Monday 4/12: 1st formal preliminary presentation (homework: research paper stocks, printing methods, etc. make any revisions based on presentation or printed 3d mockup)

Wednesday 4/14: studio work/desk crits (homework: continue revisions. Prepare for second preliminary presentation. practice 5 times. Keep on top of agent queries. If no word, continue to send to new prospects, if you do have an interested agent, follow through)


Monday 4/19: 2nd formal preliminary presentation (homework: create FINAL BOOK, two copies. these are technically mockups, but they should look perfect, selling quality. photograph book. tie up all loose ends.)

Wednesday 4/21: studio work/desk crits (homework: work on final presentation, practice at least 20 times! Revise visuals for final presentation. practice another 20 times)


Monday 4/26: final presentation of degree project! (homework: if your book is not published yet (duh) then create very quick, truncated versions of book, at least 20 copies, to pass out during show (or something that could work like that)

Wednesday 4/28: production for show (homework: continue work on mini books, and create boards for my wall in the senior show)

Saturday 5/1: begin show installation


Monday 5/3: install show (homework: continue making boards for show. find pedestals for books. Install)

Wednesday 5/5: install show (homework: tie up all loose ends, and relax!!)

Thursday 5/6: show opening: reception and presentation for industry guests

5/7-5/13: students will take turns hosting the show during the week

Friday 5/14: show closing: reception and presentation for family/friends

Saturday 5/15: commencement

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