13 November 2008

Vis Lang: phase 3: system postcard


AdamcBride said...

With this final revision, I feel like you have really driven home the concept of deforestation by interacting the type and image to convey that message. It took me a second to connect the two ideas (cookie cutter forests and the houses). However, I like that it is challenging the viewer to think and make those connections themselves. The image is still feeling very negative, but it incorporates a brief instance of the positive—which I like. I mean that the houses feel like a positive force, but the are being overcome by the darkness that intrudes from the right. I think that this juxtaposition is appropriate when talking about the subject of deforestation because it gives the viewer a glimpse into why it is so serious and where our forests are going. However, I question the log at the bottom of the composition—is it serving as a road or merely just a foundation for the houses to sit upon. It almost blends into the scenery as a road. I had to look at it for a second before the log jumped out at me. In terms of noise, I feel like this might be the one thing that is misdirecting me. It is a small detail, but important enough in the composition for me to question it. However, the placement of the type and subtle fade is quite nice. Overall I think this is an excellent redesign of the second postcard.

Laura Berglund said...

You are right again! I was trying to match the negative tones that have been used throughout my series, but still hopefully convey that there is also a positive side to housing development. The log was just to reinforce the "forest" part of my text, to ground the fact that these houses were all made from forests, not brick or something else. It was just supposed to be a subtle woodgrain pattern to connect the ideas... I guess I may want to finesse that part so it works a little better.