01 April 2009

TYPE4: beginning applications

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Ramzy A. Masri said...


love it.


Morgan Ashley Allen said...

so i was talking to tyler, and afterwards it was such a "DUH"! were trying to incorporate all our experiments into our identity, but when we start to apply them, we should totally USE our experiments. for instance, in your case:

take a piece of graph paper, crumple it up. mark the letter forms "CONFERENCE" or "MODULOGRAPHY" on top of the crinkles. and then do what you did before and expand it out and check out the forms created, but then have the conference information be exposed once the paper is expanded or something.. make your experiment into a poster (!) using the identity system rules we've already established. why didn't we think of that.

i'm going to map out a poster on my grid, so its like a 2-d poster suddenly becomes this 3-d graphed thing! i don't know what its going to look like but i know we didn't do all that experimenting stuff for nothing!