09 September 2009

DS: Phase 1 Specs


To be the well-deserved retreat from the rushes of daily life, and to give riders a nostalgic and relaxing escape from life's stresses. A rejuvenating 'vacation' that won't cost a week of your time.


Supplying clean and reliable balloons, with unique, artist-designed patterning on each. They will be piloted by the friendliest and most accommodating of staff, fully certified, flying over the land's most beautiful and luxurious hidden areas, topped off with champagne picnics and tours, for a truly unforgettable experience. Worth a week of indulgence, all wrapped up in one afternoon.


rejuvenate and escape


all pilots with a minimum 5 years experience, balloons use high quality propane fuel in an energy-efficient engine, baskets are double reinforced, always 110% clean and reliable, ripstop nylon fabric used for the envelope and exceedingly strong load tapes, able to accommodate any size party with multiple balloons (single balloons carry up to 4 people), friendly service, traditional champagne always on board. We make the ballooning trip into a full-on experience, complete with a pre-balloon champagne toast and a scientific look at how balloons work, and an after-balloon picnic and more champagne wherever we land!

(connotations: easy going, eclectic, sophisticated, classic, smart.)


You won't find a more enjoyable ballooning experience like we can provide anywhere else, past, present, or future.


We believe that everyone needs a well-deserved escape from the daily grind, and a ride in a hot air balloon can do just that and more. Out of the ordinary and wandering just to get lost by nature, the hot air balloon is the one way to float away from life's stresses.


Eve and Marty A long since retired couple, living in a tiny suburban home on the outskirts of town, they are looking for that one last spark to make life more meaningful, and just downright fun. They can't go on vacations these days, since it's hard to walk, and Eve suffers from asthma. Eve loves to scrapbook with photos she takes on a regular basis, and Marty is an avid lover of cartography. They want something easy to do, yet full of adventure to enrich their routine-based lives.

Gabrielle A bright and curious 15 year-old girl, fast approaching her sixteenth birthday. She has a 12 year-old brother, and lives in a mid-sized home in the heart of her city. She is a lover of art and science, and aspires to become a world-renowned fashion designer. She is smart and outgoing, is always busy with extra-curricular activities, and has a wide circle of friends. She loves being out of the ordinary, and is art club president at her school. Her parents are fully supportive of her, and strive to help her lead a happy and successful life.

Lillian A 32 year-old business owner, and the mother of two children, Lillian is constantly on the go, making sure she manages both her career with the needs of her family. Life for her is one long line of tasks, from making her kids' breakfast in the morning, to going over her company's annual report, to making sure all the laundry gets done at night, and also trying save time to be with her husband. She tries hard to enjoy the small things in life, but usually the stresses of day to day activities get in the way of emotional fulfillment. She dreams of going on a long vacation to France, but unfortunately knows that she can't stay away from her job as a businesswoman or as a mother for that long.


Young, middle-class couples or small families, with one or both spouses involved in full-time work


boating trips, private jet rides, yachts, camping, other ballooning companies (Have Balloon Will Travel (NJ), Magical Adventures (CA), Balo Tour Ballooning (Spain), Sunrise Balloons (CA) Big Sky Balloon Company (OR).


Lose the kitsch and gimmicks like all other hot air balloon companies. We're so much more original than going on a boat ride or camping in the woods to get away. We bring together a striking view on nature's beauty with the eloquence cultured originality of featured artists designing our balloons, all wrapped up in one finished package, complete with champagne.


Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

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