09 September 2009

VA: Primary Audience Research: Student Survey Questions

What is your opinion on crime around KCAI?
Student Survey

Please take a few minutes to fill out as much or as little of this survey as you like. (More is always helpful!)

I am collecting the information from the entire student body to aid in the process of a graphic design project regarding crime around our school. I am looking to help solve student risk issues that we face through innovative design in this semester-long project for my senior Visual Advocacy class. Any participation is greatly appreciated.

Please email your answers to laurakberglund@gmail.com no later than Friday, September 11.





Grade Level:

How far away from campus do you live? How do you think this affects your routine in regards to taking crime precautions?:

Where is your hometown/Where did you grow up? Do you feel like this history affects how you view crime in the KCAI area? Why/why not?:

When/where do you feel the least safe in or around KCAI? Why?:

When/where do you feel the most safe? Why?:

List all the precautions that you know about that the school is currently implementing to protect its students. Do you think that's enough? Why/why not?:

Do you think that there are any other ways of ensuring the student body's safety and well-being that hasn’t already been thought of? Explain:

Is your cell phone registered to receive safety text messages from KCAI? Did you know about this option?:

When you think of crime around KCAI's neighborhood, what do you first think of?:

Does the safety issue around our school restrict what you feel you can do? (i.e.: Do you feel that because crime is a certain way, you don't walk around at night, etc?):

Do you feel gender plays a role in who falls victim to crime?:

What other attributes play a role, in your opinion? (intoxication, race, age, height, items in your bag, etc):

What information would motivate you to be more watchful of risk in the neighborhood?:

Have you ever called campus security to report a problem or ask for an escort if you were feeling unsafe? Why did you use this service, or why didn't you if there was a need for it?:

Which do you feel is more realistic: making campus security the ones responsible for student safety, or the students themselves? Why?:

Any other questions or comments pertaining to student risk and crime in and around KCAI?:

Is it okay to contact you for further information in regards to this project, if the need arises?

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey! No matter how much or how little you fill out, anything is helpful, and I really appreciate it.

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