05 October 2009

MX: design directions

profile page

this is the rollover state for the gallery section (the really big image). When you roll over any part of that image, a series of tabs, arrows, and a description appears.

when you rollover the navigation bar on the left, the nav slides out.

more nav...

Tips & Advice section

ooh nav!

ooh yellow!

Marketplace section. buy and sell with local gardeners through this site

main page: the nav IS the content

select a section for more information, and everything slides over- taking the user to that 'page'

profile page

tips & advice page!

see more on greg's blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ian said...

these are beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gerg kaufman said...

yeahhh! gooooo team grown’ together! i'm very pleased with our outcome!

Laura Berglund said...

very pleased indeed.

Eppelheimer said...

beautiful indeed.