16 April 2008


Magazine layout inspiration and possible image inserts...

This paper was scanned to use as the water pattern in an earlier version of my infographic, and now is being used as an entire overlay over the whole map.
This map of Italy was scanned and also used as a subtle overlay on my infographic just as the blue pattern was.
My hand-embroidered blueprint elements, to be cloned across my map.
The embroidered globe border, also to be cloned.
This is the final infographic for today's critique. I'm still unhappy with it! It's the colors, the layout, it's not dynamic... etc. I agree with you, Jamie, this needs to be not so symmetrical and a lot more dynamic with cropping and scale... but I'm not sure exactly how to go about doing that at this point, since you mentioned getting rid of the globe shape border to help with the cropping, but that to me seems like the biggest clue for the viewer to say that this is a map of the world...

Floral magazine layouts, using century gothic and clarendon

More simple and sophisticated version of my magazine layouts, using solely century gothic. I think this one doesn't have as much to offer, and doesn't match my infographic as well in regards to formal language. Although I do like my photographic images a lot more in these spreads. They have a more artistic, emotive feel to them, and the colors in the images match my infographic. So I'm planning on switching out the images in my floral spreads with some of the images in my more sophisticated spreads. I'm also planning on making my infographic bigger in general on the page, so it's easier to read all the information. 

Uumm I'm in for a busy weekend I'd say.

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Josh Eithun said...

my vote is the simple one for sure...

its so nice!!