14 April 2008


Progress? Or am I moving backwards?
Personally, I don't like this current version at all. The very different styles and colors of each collaged piece of paper makes the inforgraphic very cluttered and far from consistent. They just looked slapped into my map for not apparent reason. I'm going to have to go back in and re address these issues.

Also, the connector lines are unnecessary, especially if I change the "Scandinavia, 1200s" above the body text to the actual name of the object (bundt pan) then the line becomes completely unnecessary.

Some more left aligning of text, and font options need to be looked at, and minimizing colors along the bars on the sides. Also returning to my original icons and losing the white doilies around my objects, and grounding my infographic on some sort of background.

1 comment:

jamie said...

Consider scale changes, rotation and CROPPING. You've got a good set of elements here, but all are very contained, centered, static on the page. What if you lost the globe frame? Push some off the page? Seek a more dynamic composition.