25 February 2009

INFOARCH: final website designs?

Taking into account the background image beyond the popular screen size, with all infographics and text-based information (which you get to from the sidebar). 

First image: rollovers of main interface. When you rollover sort methods they underline yellow, when you rollover the thumbnail animals along the top, their name shows up next to the work "classify" above them, the larger watercolor animals rollover to a view of them with their "color" multiplied over them, and their name turns red.

Once you click on a sort method, it turns to a black bar, with the text knocked out of it.

Ten infographics below (I am planning on doing four simple diagrammatical infographics as well, just so that every animal can act as a button to their own related infographic. Right now, there are four animals that feel lonely.)

Text-based information (you get to this stuff by clicking in the sidebar). Rollover of sidebar buttons gives you a little triangle marker. There will also be associated photography for each piece of text, which I still need to photograph.

What the sidebar looks like with a button actually clicked (turns to red bar).

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