09 February 2009

TYPE4: polygonal grid structure

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thenewprogramme said...

on the top example with all the colored boxes i started to look at the white boxes to see if there were letters being made there. the color establishes and reinforces a sense of dimensionality that isn't necessarily in the uncolored version. the white boxes (negative space) could make up some pretty interesting letterforms.

when the grid is uncolored, your eyes can form a range of flat and dimensional shapes almost on command, and it can shift rapidly.

i don't recall what all you've been working on -- if anything -- outside of this study. the only other thing on your blog for type is the "grid structure' paper, so i don't know exactly what your questions are. there are some questions implicit in the paper, but you might benefit from more of a focused set of questions. the unique grid you're currently using is a good start, but you don't seem to be pursuing it with any sort of zeal. perhaps those questions will set you on a more deliberate path.

let me know if i can help in any way.