06 March 2009

INFOARCH: final website critique


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Cassie said...

Rendering method of individual objects (appropriate? cohesive? engaging?)

I really enjoyed the water colored animals because it has a very playful feel to them. also it makes sense to use this hand generated feel because it references the audience that the plastic animals are geared towards.

• Composition & typography of site's content (accessible? refined? engaging?)

body type is a little light and small it would be easier to read if it were bigger or darker. also names of animals at the top of the page are heavy and very dark compared to the way you rendered the rest of the type. i really enjoy the five extra information windows it gave a good understanding of the collection and provided a context for the infographics.

• Information visualization strategies (clear? informative? engaging?)

i liked the consistent use of triangles and the vector images of the animals, they are well organized and informative. as to the visual quality the triangles they are a little heavy in some of the infographs. i really enjoyed the infographic names!

• Functionality (clear? user-friendly? engaging?)

the entire website is very thought out. the top bar of animals is a good way to keep the viewer engaged in the collection. the roll overs on the animals are a really nice touch. i think you did a really good job! its organized and clear while providing interesting information! yay Laura