24 March 2009

TYPE4: type conference decisions

With my fellow group members Logan Smith and Morgan Allen, here's our final decisions to start our typographic conference:




Tired of that same old typeface? Is your Font Book lacking in fresh cuts? Modulography will introduce a whole new world of typographic manipulation, all based within the parameters of grid structuring and modularity. From three-dimensional experimenting, to evolving typefaces, this conference is based around process, developing new answers to the ongoing typographic question, and deepening an understanding of legibility within manipulated type. Featuring speakers like Wolfgang Weingart, Dirk Wachowiak, and Abbott Miller, this is a type conference to get designers thinking. If you’ve been stuck in a rut, here’s the opportunity to break out of the box… literally.

ideas to move forward with:

break out of the grid/manipulate the grid
transform the grid
what is good typography? asking questions
experimental forms
legibility or lack thereof (due to manipulated type)
modular vs. the organic
based on a grid/modularity/cell structure
final products could actually be 3D, like wayfinding signage, etc. to bring in Logan's side of the project
the pentagonal grid: looks 3D in 2D space

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