05 March 2008


Images of amazing grandma color schemes! Some inspiration came from these...

The following swatch sets are gathered and expanded from my 'Agnes' semiotic scrapbook, with the actual clipped image from each spread on the top of each set of three colors, and it's main color drawn from it directly below. The colors on the left and right sides are variants of value and saturation from the center. I tried to find colors within my spreads that really embodied the 'old woman' feel I was going for. So I may have found a color that was close to what I was aiming for with my eyedropper, but I would then go back in and alter hues or saturations slightly to get the desired effect.

These color palettes will be applied to my set of icons to move away from one-color black images into 2-color and 3-color designs.

COLOR PALETTE 1 (from old television spread from semiotic scrapbook)
COLOR PALETTE 2 (from semiotic scrapbook front cover)
COLOR PALETTE 3 (from lace tablecloth spread of semiotic scrapbook)

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