23 March 2008


Focusing more on just the aspects of a grandma and her home, I've refined my list of title ideas, dropping some names and adding others. Let's see how these go...

Antiqued Housewares
Wrinkles & Liver Spots
Wrinkled Antiques
Artifacts of A Last Breath
Gathering Dust
Aching & Decaying
Vintage Ruffles & Lace
Fading Floral Wallpaper
Sag & Shake (OR Saggy & Shaky)...
Home From A Wild Bingo Night
(Or simplified to Home From Bingo Night)
Reminiscing on Doilies
Fragile Home
Fossilized Home
Domestic Fading Memories
Shady Old Lady

This was my original pool of gathered adjectives and other words to be used as ideas in my icon set title:

senile, feeble, ancient, aged, antiquated, battered, creaky, fragile, frail, shabby, shaking, threadbare, tired, weak, confined, handicapped, powerless, silenced, archaic, big-yawn, common, dead, worn out, elderly, exhausted, fossil, geriatric, seasoned, delicate, faint, frail, rotten, tender, wobbly, wistful, melancholy, nostalgic, reflective, funereal, grim, droopy, like yesterday, lonesome, reflecting, reflective, withdrawn, bitter, decaying, disintegrating, ebbing, fading, vanishing, withering, eternal rest, decay, expiration, lights out, quaint, knit & purl, shady old lady, dignity, neglect, abandonment, pleasant, smudged, dementia

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