19 March 2008


This post is to go along with an earlier post, dated 3.12.

My idea in this color application was to simplify my palette, and to go with a more neutral color scheme, focusing more on the actual object. I thought that the yellow would really come forward against the brown. I was also thinking more conceptually, thinking that these colors reference dirty smoke from cigarettes, or dark brown furniture, and yellowing wallpaper, which would come with living in a home for an extended time.

Originally, with this application, I was using a light and medium yellow on my objects, which added more dimension to them... but then I realized I was working with a four-color palette...
So I simplified.


gerg werk said...

I think the revision you chose works better for your icons. The subtle colors work as a calm setting for grandma agnes' house. The tones you chose work well because the contrast of dark brown against the light yellow highlights make the icons stand out more (instead of being so flat). Your concept of choosing this color scheme based on extended time adds another layer of complexity which I really enjoy. Great job Shmergland! :]

jamie said...

You were working with a four color palette - true - but it was being applied in a three color icon. And the three color version is where I'd like to see this set live.

However, your work on this next round was fruitful b/c you have a version to test the other against. Having seen the new work, I will say the previous round is a more successful color application. The three colors had a great sense of depth and the light areas really popped (are inviting).

I appreciate your reasoning behind the color evolution towards brown/yellow. And while I prefer the sweetness of the last set, I think you could successfully swap out either the green or the pink color for the orangy/brown or tan color to achieve the desired effect.