19 March 2008


yellowing wallpaper in an old woman's house?

Something memorable, something embodying the essence and theme behind my icon set.
Here are some initial ideas:

Wrinkles & Liver Spots
Threadbare Agnes
Homespun Eternal Rest
Moth-Eaten Doilies
Lights Out, Oma (Oma is a german term for grandma, I believe)
Lights Out on Oma (Or Agnes?)
Quietly Isolated
Aching & Decaying
Bitter Lace
A Quaint Pre-Funeral
Confined to Knit & Purl
Vanishing Ruffles & Lace
Vintage Ruffles & Lace
4-Inch-Thick Bifocals
Covered In Cat Hair
Reflecting on Fruit Cake
Fading Floral Wallpaper
Home From A Wild Bingo Night
Hot Rollers in Fading Blue Hair

This was the wild bingo night?

Let me know what you think of my ideas

1 comment:

jamie said...

Nice brainstorm.

The title needs to represent something larger. Some of these (while very creative) wont work b/c they represent objects beyond your core set. E.g. I love hot rollers in fading blue hair (great song title) but neither are IN your set. Rather, go for those that reference the person the objects belong too - or the place the objects reside.

Second, it looks like you generated two directions (bitter humor or sadness). You determine which is best when you get into the next projects.