30 March 2008


In this initial stage of research for project 3, I had a really difficult time getting started on anything... there was nothing I could find as far as "real" information goes for my topic. And beyond that, I had the job of tying together objects from a grandmother's home with the theme of "last will", and having it work with the infographic requirements. So I decided to work on my infographic research and finding my type class article hand-in-hand, since that way, I wouldn't be completely lost or stuck moving on to one or the other. I researched ideas in regards to the cost of each item, or the materials that they were made out of, but it was all waaay too stale or boring to go anywhere with without falling asleep. I wanted something that would compliment old people stuff in a good way... not make it more boring than it already is.

I came up with how these items came about, as in where and when... and found some interesting bits of information, so I decided that this may be a good route. So then I focused on the article I needed for type class, and started investigating topics on actual last wills, or statistics on deaths in the elderly, and moved on to assisted elderly suicide...... and it made me depressed. Not only because of the subject matter, but because there was no way I could tie an article about 'old people feeling so terrible about themselves that they want to end their life' and 'the country of origin of objects from their home' together nicely. So I brainstormed, and came up with a breakthrough idea of making the article more about antiques and where they generally come from.

Antiques or thrift generally come from people who have passed away, so I thought that was a great juxtaposition of a micro and macro view of my objects, and also fitting in with my title for my set. It works with my infographic research since I'm looking at where the objects come from on a larger scale (country and time period), and the article looks at where objects come from on a smaller scale (tag sales from old lady deaths). But finding an article that will fit my requirements may be a feat... we'll see!

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