04 November 2009

MX: Final Website

sign in page
main page
action: slides up...
and over to the next "page"
(see the triangle tabs on the left- in the transition, they slid all the way across the screen and stop there). This is the profile page
garden cam that takes multiple pictures a day of the garden, and turns them into a time lapse video on your profile

image gallery on profile
soil monitor page
soil monitor tracks water levels and updates alerts on the site for you when it's time to water
iphone app
main screen (by greg)
taking a picture of a problem in your garden (by greg)

completing the ask advice (by greg)
materials calculator (by greg)
local store finder (by greg)
map (by greg)
tip database (by greg)
list of saved tips on the iphone (by greg)
bumping a tip from laptop to iphone, for later use in the garden (by greg)

tip playback (while you work outside), with green thumb rating system (by greg)
general gallery (all black and white images on site rollover to reveal color image)
user to user marketplace (by greg)

Forgot to post the finals! Here they are

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ha! The map on the i-phone app. is actually downtown toronto. I walk by there all the time.

I enjoy seeing how you work through all aspects of the design project. Very nice.