29 November 2009

MX: Reading response 4

reading: "the language of new media" pp 103-115 the screen and the body, representation vs simulation

New concepts learned:

The screen represents the idea of the imprisonment of the body. Because you are watching a screen, your body must remain immobile, in order to watch it. It began with photography, in traditional daguerrotypes, the subjects must remain completely still while the image was exposing. Today, we must sit still in front of computer screens or in the darkness of the movie theater to be able to grasp what is going on in the screen.

Relate the reading to MX projects:

In the reading, the author was talking about the interactivity between the body and the screen. I plan on the users of my portfolio site to use a mouse to be able to click through my work, and navigate the website. It's up to them to decide what they want to see and when, and for how long!

Relate the reading to life beyond MX:

Interestingly, the Wii is allowing us to move beyond the body's imprisonment while watching a screen- for many games on the Wii, you are required to get up and move around your living room in order to interact with the screen. I was also watching a video on the future of Microsoft technology, and they are planning on developing screens that act as newspapers, that can be folded up and read on the go, screens on the side of your coffee mug, on your coffee table, on the walls, and EVERRRRYYWHERRE. With so many screens, it will be easier to move around and not be limited by them, because they will be EVERRYYWHERRE so you can just move 10 feet down the hall, and voila! another screen! (Thank goodness...)

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