15 November 2009

MX: scrolling formal iterations and task scenarios

formal iterations using a scroll:

Task Scenarios

IDEA 5? Not sure...

1.) From the main page, user scrolls through work, clicks on a specific piece, larger image pops up of work, with related views/images.

Can return to main page by clicking 'back' (or area outside the popped-up images?

2.) From the main page, the user can narrow/expand options by clicking on the category options, which will grey out or illuminate images to choose from. User can click on another image. New image collage opens up like in scenario 1, and user can scroll down to see more info/more imagery. User can leave a comment if they feel so inclined.

3.) From main page, user can read about me blurb, and if they want to read more, they can click 'read more!' which will bring them to a new about me section, more extensive.

4.) From main page, they can access a downloadable copy of my resume.

5.) From main page, they can access a list of links for my designer friends, influential sites, and my other webpages, such as blog, twitter, flickr.

6.) From main page, user can read recent news about me as a designer, which is able to be read right on main page. They can leave a comment about the news.

7.) From the main page, or the about me page, they can click on 'contact me', and an email population box will appear for them to fill out.

Projects I want to include on my portfolio site:

Ziba packaging

Map to the Shuttlecocks packaging

McSweeney's workshop packaging

Reve hot air balloon brand system

Anchor crime prevention campaign

Seed website

Plastic animal collection website

Vote posters

Modul type conference and experimental typography


Sleeping Houses fiber project

Last Will icons and magazine spreads

Russel Wright

Gertrude Stein

Seven Sins Photography

AIGA Registration poster

AIGA Portfolio Workshop poster/collateral








fine art



user experience



(projects would belong to multiple categories... the categories would act more like a tagging system)

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