28 August 2008

Visual Language: Object/Audience

the incredible log

For the 'exhibiting signification' project, I plan on using a log as my object. It has a unique warm yellow color in the grain, and has an incredible amount of texture. I feel that using a log sample could represent the larger idea of trees, and perhaps call out certain environmentalist issues today, yet still be unique and humorous enough to be able to stand alone as just a selection of logs in a museum.

In saying such, I feel that the audience could be a wide range of groups of people... environmentalists, nature enthusiasts, tactile people, offbeat people (art school anyone?), or just young adults, most likely between the ages of 15 and 25?

These audiences have always been around logs, or trees, let's say, their entire lives. It's just that this object is so seemingly mundane and overlooked that it may be an interesting spin to see a collection of them on pedestals in a museum. It will allow the viewers to question why they are sitting there in the museum anyway, and ask the larger questions about our environment. Logs are related to everyone, we need them to make fires in our fireplaces, we need trees for clean air and shade. It would have the ability for these people to recall memories from childhood, swinging on a tire swing from a tree, or cutting logs with dad, chopping down their christmas tree in the woods, or sipping hot chocolate by the fire.

People would love to see a museum exhibit about logs because they are fun on a simplistic level, yet have a much deeper meaning when applied in the correct context.

25 August 2008

Sound and Motion project 1: book narratives

I plan on going with the theme of fast food- like the process of choosing which place to go to, driving there, ordering, pick-up/pay, eating the food, and throwing all the trash away. Possibly getting sick afterwards? We'll see.