26 January 2010

DP: What is your 'dream job'?

Being asked "What is your dream job?" led me to think about a million random things of what I would like my future to involve... let's see if I can wrap it up into something remotely cohesive:

I can see myself working with a small group of friendly people, whether that be a small design firm, or a business that I start up myself, where we are all on equal terms, and happy to be there. I want to work in a place with awesome facilities, including a large production area for experiments, analog projects, and photography, and lots of windows. I want to do highly creative, open-ended projects, anywhere from packaging, posters, books, magazines, and other tactile products. And it would be a major plus if everyone I worked with appreciated the tactility of design.

I want to be a valuable asset to the close-knit team, and help them through my contributions to become better known. It would also be a great if I could come in at 9 or 10 am, and have that be totally fine with everyone! I would like the location to be somewhere along the west coast, like Seattle, Portland, or San Francisco, but in all honesty, I really like Kansas City, and wouldn't mind staying here either. Outside of my full time job, I would like there to be a little bit of free time to return to what I grew up loving– fine art. I want to start painting, collaging, illustrating, and doing more photography again!

Oh yeah... and it would also be great if I could make a decent amount of money during all this, so I can travel and visit all the places I've always wanted to see! Hahaha or maaaaybe my job will require traveling to awesome places to shoot photography or for research! That would be even better!

Sounds good to me.

DP: Degree Project Question

Final Question:

How can print design educate and encourage tolerance to the new level of flexibility and variation in human relationships– such as marriage, cohabitation, same-sex relationships, etc.– to an unaware audience?

Based off of Kyle and Ramzy's help!

Kyle's initial suggestion:

How can interactive printed materials be designed to educate and promote tolerance and acceptance of human relationships to a conservative or unaware audience?

Ramzy's initial suggestion:

How can print design encourage a greater understanding of increased diversity and flexibility in relationships for a majority audience defensive of a more traditional definition of marriage?