25 September 2009

MX: website navigation ideas

VA: Developing a solution

KCAI's problem with crime
refined solution ideas
initial solution ideas

DS: naming

Initial list of naming ideas
Refined list of three.
Ideas for which one I should go with?

24 September 2009

MX: design brainstorming ideas

color palette, possible typefaces? Incorporate botanical colored renderings with looser, line-drawn imagery below

hand-rendered elements: headers, floral/garden imagery. (website connotations in pencil)

17 September 2009

MX: final gardener posters!

My partner, Greg's half of the posters (the community):

My half of the posters (the individual):
woo! done!

13 September 2009

MX: gardening problems/online solutions

These are the needs of today's gardeners, and how our online gardening community site can help meet them, making their gardening experience easier and more enjoyable!

See Greg's ideas on his blog: the other half of Team Growin' Together!

need: when should I water?

solution: insert soil monitoring device near plants in the garden, that will push information to the gardening site. It will alert you with a "ding" or some other noise when it's time to water, so you never forget!

need: landscaping my yard scares me!

solution: an interactive online gardening tool that will allow users to map out their yard, with different customizable layers of information- including where it's shady/sunny, where the elevation is lower/higher (where water will accumulate), where current trees/shrubs/etc are located, and amounts of privacy you want, and different plans for how you want your yard to turn out. There would be a 'toolbox' of all the plants that are able to grow in your climate/region, that you can drag and drop to where you want in your yard. then you could click on each element, that will tell you prices, how tall they grow/how wide, if they need shade/sunlight, and how much water they need. With every design that a gardener develops for their yard, they can post it up for other users to comment on and give advice to what's working/what's not. It will also have a tool to monitor your budget for your landscaping, and help you stay within limits, and help you fins ways to stay economical. printer friendly plans as well, so you can take them into your yard to work from

need: i wish i didn't have to deal with gardening stores and nurseries

solution: once users come up with the perfect plan for their garden/yard, or if they just need a few extra things here and there, they can order directly from the site, and have things delivered in bundles, according to what you need and when (tools and soil first, then plants/bulbs/seeds, then mulch) so items don't die from improper use.

need: too many veggies!

solution: online marketplace for local homegrown plants. also, you can enter onto the site what plants you have available, and it will formulate ideas that you can make out of them (recipes, canning, drying, decorations, etc), and tell you everything you need to make them!

need: tips for growing problems

solution: sometimes the one's handing out the tips need to see the specific problem in person, for a proper diagnosis. plants can be photographed, or troublesome pieces can be scanned, using a 'plant scanner' that will test it's pH balance, water levels, nutrient income, etc, and that data can be loaded onto the site, for the professionals to analyze and help you out!

need: i don't know how to prune properly

solution: an iPhone app that will walk you through the pruning process from start to finish so you can have the information verbally spoken to you while you're busy with your gloves and pruners.

need: rodents are eating my garden!

solution: register which plants you are growing in your garden online, so you can compare with other users who are growing the same plants, and what they are doing to avoid the pests who love eating them. (searchable by plant)

need: what can I grow with what I have (temp/weather/elevation/porch vs. huge yard)?

solution: interactive system that users can select which elements they have in their prospective gardening space, and the site narrows down the plants that would work for them from a hugely extensive database

need: I want to be a gardener, but I don't have a yard, or even a porch.

solution: an online connector between gardeners who seek community gardening areas and 'hot spot' maps to show users where they are in local cities

need: I want to grow indoors.

solution: see "what can I grow with what I have" above

need: i don't want to take care of a garden, but I do want organic veggies to eat

solution: iPhone app telling you who is selling organic foods, and where to get them

need: i want to show off my garden!

solution: online gallery, which pieces together photos, sound clips, video, and 'smell captures' to get the whole experience online, and then share with friends on the site. the smell captures happen when a gardener uses a new tool to soak up the aroma of a particular plant or area in his/her garden, and then upload it to the site. If another user wishes to smell it, then they need the proper product hooked up to their computer that will reformulate that smell, and emit it like a perfume spray for the user to smell from a completely different location than the original garden. If enough people 'digg' that scent, then it can be made into a perfume which can be sold on the site!

AIGA: Register for AIGA!

MX: gardening poster version 2

09 September 2009

DS: Presentation Imagery

Here's some of the images I'm using for Phase 1 of my hot air balloon brand. I like the way they turned out! :)

VA: Primary Audience Research: Student Survey Questions

What is your opinion on crime around KCAI?
Student Survey

Please take a few minutes to fill out as much or as little of this survey as you like. (More is always helpful!)

I am collecting the information from the entire student body to aid in the process of a graphic design project regarding crime around our school. I am looking to help solve student risk issues that we face through innovative design in this semester-long project for my senior Visual Advocacy class. Any participation is greatly appreciated.

Please email your answers to laurakberglund@gmail.com no later than Friday, September 11.





Grade Level:

How far away from campus do you live? How do you think this affects your routine in regards to taking crime precautions?:

Where is your hometown/Where did you grow up? Do you feel like this history affects how you view crime in the KCAI area? Why/why not?:

When/where do you feel the least safe in or around KCAI? Why?:

When/where do you feel the most safe? Why?:

List all the precautions that you know about that the school is currently implementing to protect its students. Do you think that's enough? Why/why not?:

Do you think that there are any other ways of ensuring the student body's safety and well-being that hasn’t already been thought of? Explain:

Is your cell phone registered to receive safety text messages from KCAI? Did you know about this option?:

When you think of crime around KCAI's neighborhood, what do you first think of?:

Does the safety issue around our school restrict what you feel you can do? (i.e.: Do you feel that because crime is a certain way, you don't walk around at night, etc?):

Do you feel gender plays a role in who falls victim to crime?:

What other attributes play a role, in your opinion? (intoxication, race, age, height, items in your bag, etc):

What information would motivate you to be more watchful of risk in the neighborhood?:

Have you ever called campus security to report a problem or ask for an escort if you were feeling unsafe? Why did you use this service, or why didn't you if there was a need for it?:

Which do you feel is more realistic: making campus security the ones responsible for student safety, or the students themselves? Why?:

Any other questions or comments pertaining to student risk and crime in and around KCAI?:

Is it okay to contact you for further information in regards to this project, if the need arises?

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey! No matter how much or how little you fill out, anything is helpful, and I really appreciate it.

DS: Phase 1 Specs


To be the well-deserved retreat from the rushes of daily life, and to give riders a nostalgic and relaxing escape from life's stresses. A rejuvenating 'vacation' that won't cost a week of your time.


Supplying clean and reliable balloons, with unique, artist-designed patterning on each. They will be piloted by the friendliest and most accommodating of staff, fully certified, flying over the land's most beautiful and luxurious hidden areas, topped off with champagne picnics and tours, for a truly unforgettable experience. Worth a week of indulgence, all wrapped up in one afternoon.


rejuvenate and escape


all pilots with a minimum 5 years experience, balloons use high quality propane fuel in an energy-efficient engine, baskets are double reinforced, always 110% clean and reliable, ripstop nylon fabric used for the envelope and exceedingly strong load tapes, able to accommodate any size party with multiple balloons (single balloons carry up to 4 people), friendly service, traditional champagne always on board. We make the ballooning trip into a full-on experience, complete with a pre-balloon champagne toast and a scientific look at how balloons work, and an after-balloon picnic and more champagne wherever we land!

(connotations: easy going, eclectic, sophisticated, classic, smart.)


You won't find a more enjoyable ballooning experience like we can provide anywhere else, past, present, or future.


We believe that everyone needs a well-deserved escape from the daily grind, and a ride in a hot air balloon can do just that and more. Out of the ordinary and wandering just to get lost by nature, the hot air balloon is the one way to float away from life's stresses.


Eve and Marty A long since retired couple, living in a tiny suburban home on the outskirts of town, they are looking for that one last spark to make life more meaningful, and just downright fun. They can't go on vacations these days, since it's hard to walk, and Eve suffers from asthma. Eve loves to scrapbook with photos she takes on a regular basis, and Marty is an avid lover of cartography. They want something easy to do, yet full of adventure to enrich their routine-based lives.

Gabrielle A bright and curious 15 year-old girl, fast approaching her sixteenth birthday. She has a 12 year-old brother, and lives in a mid-sized home in the heart of her city. She is a lover of art and science, and aspires to become a world-renowned fashion designer. She is smart and outgoing, is always busy with extra-curricular activities, and has a wide circle of friends. She loves being out of the ordinary, and is art club president at her school. Her parents are fully supportive of her, and strive to help her lead a happy and successful life.

Lillian A 32 year-old business owner, and the mother of two children, Lillian is constantly on the go, making sure she manages both her career with the needs of her family. Life for her is one long line of tasks, from making her kids' breakfast in the morning, to going over her company's annual report, to making sure all the laundry gets done at night, and also trying save time to be with her husband. She tries hard to enjoy the small things in life, but usually the stresses of day to day activities get in the way of emotional fulfillment. She dreams of going on a long vacation to France, but unfortunately knows that she can't stay away from her job as a businesswoman or as a mother for that long.


Young, middle-class couples or small families, with one or both spouses involved in full-time work


boating trips, private jet rides, yachts, camping, other ballooning companies (Have Balloon Will Travel (NJ), Magical Adventures (CA), Balo Tour Ballooning (Spain), Sunrise Balloons (CA) Big Sky Balloon Company (OR).


Lose the kitsch and gimmicks like all other hot air balloon companies. We're so much more original than going on a boat ride or camping in the woods to get away. We bring together a striking view on nature's beauty with the eloquence cultured originality of featured artists designing our balloons, all wrapped up in one finished package, complete with champagne.


Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

07 September 2009

Summer Internship work

Beyond all the general projects I worked on for my design team, I also was part of a separate project, run solely by a group of interns.

I was on the "movie theater" team. The summer intern project consisted of a small group of interns from different departments, like digital insights, account management, user experience, creative, marketing, etc. I was the only designer on my team, so I had a LOT of work to do in order for my team to show a rich and informative presentation to the company's CEO, and supporting team.

We had to think up and develop a campaign to help launch the new facebook-esque feature of the new theater website, which beyond featuring show times and locations, allows users to have profiles, blog about movies, and create their own content, reviews, and everything in between.

To kickoff the project, we focused on research, and then moved on to brainstorming concepts that would work to advertise the new site. Our budget was supposed to be as close to free as we could get, so keep that in mind. Here are the ideas that I came up with for my group:

1. Make Movies Your Own (This was the campaign that we decided to work with)

What sets the new amc website apart from its competitors is that it offers its users the tools necessary to make them feel like they have a real purpose on the site. Blogging, personal profile pages, groups, space to connect with other movie fans and express opinions are all features that other movie theater sites lack. The site is a designated area for users to build their own content, and let everyone know which movies they approve of and which ones they don’t.

With that in mind, our campaign idea of “Make Movies Your Own” illuminates the potential of the new site by calling out the personal expression and customization aspect in numerous forms. To kick off the campaign, we plan on developing a series of well-known movie posters, but instead of using big name actors, replace them with a bunch of nobodies (future users of the site!) to show people that this website will allow them to customize their movie experiences. As the campaign progresses, and people begin to go to the site, users will be able to make their own version of our movie posters using their own faces to print out and put up around their city, guerrilla style. This could possible go viral, as more and more people catch on. The campaign also has many potential offshoots, describes on the following slides.

“Make Movies Your Own” simply put is a way to let our audiences know that this website is different. It has everything you would ever want on a theater website, but what really makes it stand out is its customizable features, that allows users to make their movie watching experience their own.

2. All Things Movies

The new amc website is different from all of its competition because it offers audiences the whole movie watching experience… it’s the place to go for all things movies. To illuminate this idea, our campaign “All Things Movies” will show potential users what this website has to offer, but in the most unexpected places.

For instance, a sign in a grocery store will say something like, “This grocery store is for all things food, just like (url) is for all things movies”. Or in a ball pit inside a Chuck E. Cheeses: “This ball pit is for all things germs just like (url) is for all things movies”.

Other possible analogies and places to advertise:

-Mall (all things shopping)

-Library (all things books)

-Trash can (all things thrown away)

-Toilet (all things consumed)

-Cheeseburger (all things heart attack)

-Electronics store (all things electrical)

The idea behind this campaign is for people to be constantly surprised by these ads in unusual places, wherever they go throughout their day. This will allow our audience to expand quickly.

3. Shared Passion for Movies

The theater's new site is about tapping into the users’ shared passion for movies. It is the place to go to find others like yourself, and connect through this shared love of movies.

The campaign idea of “A Shared Passion for Movies” runs with the idea of passion, and all the meanings that the word passion may ignite. For instance, the signs that are often seen around Cities: “Single? Visit kcsingles.com”: we plan on channeling those signs, along with romantic calling cards, mysterious text messages, torn scraps of paper with “Looking for intense passion? Find it at (url). xoxo” scrawled on it in a loopy cursive. Mostly through offline means, this idea is definitely unconventional, and will get people talking.

Throughout the course of a day, a series of mass text messages can be sent out, starting off vague: “Your search is over” (one txt), then later, “I’ve got some intense passion” (second txt)… the recipient is getting curious… “I’ll be your escape” (third txt)… the recipient is telling his friends… “Find me at (url)” (fourth text, the payoff).

This could be expanded with viral video clips of hot movie-lovin’ singles advertising the site, just like the ones for match.com, etc.

4. Instant Therapy

The “Instant Therapy” campaign idea is all about emphasizing how movies, blogging about movies, and finding similar minded friends all give users instant therapy. It’s their escape from reality, a place to relax, a place to express themselves.

The idea will visualize itself through fake psychiatrist business cards, etc. To move towards something more unconventional/guerrilla style, couches and lounge chairs could be set up around the city with a fake psychiatrist sitting next to them, and willing participants could receive some ‘instant therapy’. They would then be told about the new site, or maybe just given the psychiatrist’s business card, which would also direct them to the site.

As stated above, we went with the first idea: Make Movies Your Own. Here are the artifacts I designed for the campaign:

Movie posters:

All these posters feature the faces of the interns on my team, but they could feature anyone. The point is to show our audience that on the new site, they are the star, and can make movies their own.

Year One Re-design:
The Royal Tenenbaums Re-design:
Harry Potter Re-design:
Bruno Re-design:
40 Year Old Virgin Re-design:


Texting after you finished seeing a movie to pull people to the site:
iPhone apps:

including finding out how many seats are left for the show you want to go to, and an app that allows you to put your face into famous movie posters.

social networking:

myspace, twitter, and facebook

site enhancements:

Pods added to the existing site to enhance the campaign.
close-up of the added pod:

Loyalty Pod: a visualization of how many movies users have seen, and how they rated it right on their profile pages.

To get high schools and colleges involved in participation on the new site, we planned on inviting students from select schools to blog on the site, with a special section devoted to them.


Contests for user-generated trailers to raise hype on the site, with a leader board on the main page to show the top rated trailers.

Entry into a referral program to get friends of existing users to participate:


"scene screens" placed in big cities, with a photographer available to take your picture. You would then be handed a card with a number that would lead you to the new site to see your photo.

"scene screens"
On the site, users could create their own version of the movie posters featuring themselves, which they would then be prompted to print out and hang in their city for guerrilla marketing.


Answers handed out on the site; more traffic to site.